HS-L015B Stop bleeding SOF tourniquet HS-L015B Stop bleeding SOF tourniquet

SOF tourniquet.
Aluminum rod.

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  • Model: HS-L015B
  • Brand: Highsee
  • Code: 6307900000
  • Product Description

1.No Velcro design.

2.Lightweight and compact.

3.Hardened materials.

4.Safe fixed screws to prevent the pressure during exercise.

5.Aluminum handle with 2 triangular loops.

6.1m strap to adjust the limbs.

7.The injured can operate only by one-hand, so that the self-saving efficiency can improve.

8.It can be adjusted according to the bleeding, then can prevent the muscular death.

9.Easy to carry, safe to use.

10.No Velcro design can prevent the loose under muddy or sandy environment(blood+sand=mud).


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